Our team understands that new economic data and methods are always being developed, and that our economic analyses are importantly linked to other technical, legal, and institutional factors affecting water resources in the west. We continually innovate to improve our software, models, methods, and data by working with industry professionals, economists at leading academic institutions, research teams, and technical experts across other disciplines to publish new economic research and reports.
We publish some of our research in leading peer-reviewed professional journals and research reports. We also work with clients to prepare reports that can help policymakers understand the consequences of proposed regulations, actions, or other policy decisions.  
Selected professional papers:

How are western water districts managing groundwater basins?

Claire Newman, Richard Howitt, Duncan MacEwan 

California Agriculture. 72(1):28-37. (2018). 

Grape and Wine Production in California 

Julian M. Alston, James T. Lapsley, and Olena Sambucci

Chapter in: California Agriculture: Dimensions and Issues, Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics. (2018).

Hydroeconomic Modeling of Sustainable Groundwater Management

Duncan MacEwan, M. Cayr, A. Taghavi, D. Mitchell, Steve Hatchett, Richard Howitt 

Water Resources Research. 53. (2017).

Combining Physical and Behavioral Response to Salinity

Duncan MacEwan, Richard Howitt, and Josué Medellín-Azuara

Journal of Water Economics and Policy. 2 (1), 1-25. (2016).

Economic Impacts of the 2015 Drought on Farm Revenue and Employment 

Richard E. Howitt, Duncan MacEwan, Josue Medellin-Azuara, Jay Lund, Dan Sumner.

Agricultural and Resource Economics Update. Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics. (2015).

Routledge Handbook of Water Economics and Institutions 

K. Burnett, Richard Howitt, J. Roumasset, C. Wada (Editors) 

Routledge Handbooks, New York. (2015).

Are Water Markets Still Emerging in California? 

Richard Howitt

Chapter in: Water Markets for the 21st Century: What Have We Learned? (2014). 

The Economic Consequences of Pierce’s Disease and Related Policy in the California Winegrape Industry 

J.M. Alston, K.B. Fuller, J.D. Kaplan, and Kabir Tumber 

Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics. (2013).

Calibrating Disaggregate Economic Models of Agricultural Production and Water Management

Richard E. Howitt, Josue Medellin-Azuara, Duncan MacEwan, and Jay R. Lund 

Environmental Modeling and Software. 38, 244-258. (2012).

Selected reports and conference presentations:

Cannabis Cultivation Regulations Standardized Regulatory Impact Assessment (SRIA)

Duncan MacEwan, Claire Newman, Jay NoelRichard Howitt, Miranda Driver 

CA Dept of Food and Agriculture. CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing. Rulemaking Economic Impact Analysis. (2018). 

Hydroeconomic Modeling and GSP Development 

Steve Hatchett and Duncan MacEwan

Presented at the 2018 Western Groundwater Conference of the Groundwater Resources Association. Sacramento, CA. (2018).


Duncan MacEwan and Richard Howitt

Presented at the California Water and Environmental Modeling Forum. Annual Meeting. (2017).

California Agriculture Regulatory Impact Analysis 

Duncan MacEwan, Jay Noel, Richard Howitt, Lynn Hamilton, Mike McCullough, Jennifer Scheer

Presented at the 2016 American Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting. (2016).

Economic Value of Specialty Crop Agriculture in the Sacramento Region 

Duncan MacEwan, Jay Noel, Richard Howitt, Kabir Tumber, Jennifer Scheer

Prepared for Sacramento Area Council of Governments. (2016).

Transitioning to Sustainable Groundwater Management 

Duncan MacEwan, Steve Hatchett, Richard Howitt, Ali Taghavi, Mesut Cayar, David Mitchell

Prepared for California Water Foundation. (2015).

Economic Contribution of Agriculture to Santa Clara County 

Duncan MacEwan, Jay Noel, Richard Howitt, Kabir Tumber, Jennifer Scheer

Prepared for Santa Clara County Agricultural Commissioner Office. (2015).