ERA Economics Consulting Services


  • Water risk assessments

  • Resource evaluations

  • Portfolio stress testing

  • Tariff impact analysis

  • Water supply assessments

  • Regulatory impact analysis

ERA maintains a suite of economic models and data that characterize the domestic and international market for crops. These are formally linked to detailed data on water supply costs and availability. We are able to quantify the effect of changing water supply and market conditions on California crop prices, profitability, and land values across the state.

We work with clients to develop scenarios for portfolio stress testing, including SGMA impacts, regulatory impacts (such as AB 1066), tariff impacts, and proposed curtailments in surface water deliveries caused by new laws and court decisions. 

Private Entities


  • Water risk assessments

  • Water supply valuation

  • Mathematical modeling

  • Crop budget / enterprise analysis

  • Market research

  • Supply and demand forecasting

ERA develops economic analytical tools to help investors, landowners, and other private entities evaluate investments, business strategy, and agricultural water supply risk. 

We develop water supply risk assessments to help clients understand the effect of changing water supply and new regulations on their land and farming operations. Our framework is also used to assess acquisition proposals, agricultural land development, and developing regulatory impact analyses that demonstrate the economic cost of proposed regulations. 

Public Agencies

  • Water market development

  • Benefit-cost analysis, economic and financial feasibility

  • Economic impact analyses

  • GSP development and implementation support

  • Policy evaluation

  • EIR / EIS economic analysis support

  • Rulemaking support: Standardized Regulatory Impact Assessment (SRIA) Form DF-131, Form STD-399 Fiscal and Economic Impact Statement

We support state, federal, and local public agencies investment and policy decisions. Our economic analysis ranges from framing policy questions to developing mandated economic analyses, feasibility studies, and quantifying costs and benefits. We are experts in rulemaking support and regulatory impact analyses.  

ERA professionals have worked on worked on California water policy for over three decades. We understand how economics integrates with other technical and legal analyses to support effective water policy decisions. Our team has extensive experience working with stakeholders and the public in the context of highly-scrutinized water policy decisions. 



  • Preliminary investigation

  • Strategic advice

  • Research, data, and analysis 

  • Analysis of opposing witness statements

  • Declarations

  • Testimony

  • Establishing the value of water supplies

  • Mediation and negotiations

Our team provides support over the entire cycle of a case by developing clear, concise, and timely economic analysis. The ERA team includes professionals in data management, statistics, and economics that work seamlessly to support clients throughout a case.  

ERA experts are leaders in agricultural and resource economics with over thirty years of peer-reviewed publications in leading economic journals, national research awards, and testimony before Special Masters of the US Supreme Court. We leverage our academic ties and industry experience to provide court-tested economic analysis.