ERA Economics

Environment, Resources, Agriculture


Founded in 2013, ERA Economics develops data-driven economic analysis for business decisions, policy development, and litigation support. We develop clear and concise analysis by applying economic theory and econometrics to comprehensive data, enabling our clients to make informed business and policy decisions.

We specialize in the economics of agriculture and water resources in California, but have also successfully completed projects in Oregon, Arizona, Kansas, Hawaii, and abroad in India and Kenya. We continue to publish peer-reviewed technical articles, books, and policy reports so that we can provide our clients with the most current methods and data.

ERA Economics is working as the lead economist on Groundwater Sustainability Plan development and implementation in groundwater subbasins across the state.


Our primary areas of expertise include:


Water resources

Agri-environmental policy / regulations

Economic impact analyses and forecasting

Mathematical modeling

Water risk and water supply valuation

Water market development


ERA is a California Certified Small Business Enterprise. Our services include water market evaluation, water asset valuation, feasibility studies, market assessments, and regulatory impact analyses. Some of our services by sector include:

Public Agencies

Economic analysis to support Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) development and implementation, Water market strategy, Standardized Regulatory Impact Assessments (SRIA), STD 399, financial feasibility, economic feasibility, benefit-cost analyses, EIR/EIS support, rulemaking support

Private Entities

Water supply valuation, commodity supply and demand forecasting, regulatory impact analyses, commodity market assessments


Water risk assessments, business enterprise analysis, investment evaluations, commodity valuation


Technical economic support through research, analysis, and testimony